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Entry: 20
Name:Meirion Smith (gt gt grandson)
From:Pentwyn, Pontypool, South Wales.
Comments:I was quite surprised to see a website featuring my great great grandfather. I must congratulate you on your work. It sure is a small world!
March 8, 2002 10:29:06 (GMT Time)

Entry: 19
Name: Richard Roynon
Comments:Just looking at records from anyone connected with the Varteg, Garndiffaith and Talywain areas, I am the Methodist Archivist, and i am quite willing to look up on my large data base of around 100,00 baptisms, burials Etc, A primitive methodist has just been recovered from a old shop dating from 1880-1930, Best Regards Richard Roynon
Febuary 28, 2002 00:55:13 (GMT Time)

Entry: 18
Name:Thomas Lewis
From:Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA
Comments:I don't know very much about my own family line, but my fathers name as well as my own is "Thomas Lewis" interesting that so many people with the name Lewis have it. My middle name is Emil as is my fathers. I have heard that the Lewis name is from wales, and the language is Manx, but I dont know if anyone still speaks this. thanx tom
Febuary 6, 2002 15:19:24 (GMT Time)

Entry: 17
Name:Les Lewis
From:Luddenham NSW AUSTRALIA
Comments:A great effort ,congratulations My LEWIS family are from Pontypool /Abertillery I have just made a connection with a Relative in Abertillery
Febuary 1, 2002 04:50:09 (GMT Time)

Entry: 16
Name: Leonard J. Larcombe
From:Pontypool originally.
Comments:As I was born on the Tranch I was surprised to read of "Sow Hill".Where exactly is, or was it?
January 30, 2002 18:54:58 (GMT Time)

Entry: 15
Name: Wendy Sully
From:Usk Valley, South Wales
Comments:Very much enjoyed reading your article. Am intersted also in your Jaynes family. I have Janes/Jeanes (Llanhilleth/Abertillery. Prior to this they were in Newton St. Loe and Corston, etc. Somerset
January 18, 2002 18:05:45 (GMT Time)

Entry: 14
Name: Mick McAllister
Email: mick@themcallisterfamily.co.uk
HomePage:http://www.mcallistrtree.co.uk /www.themcallisterfamily.co.uk
Comments:very interesting website, maybe thought a connection as I have a Rachel Lewis who married into our Smith family and helped them get into Australia, but no connection noticed, never mind. Wish you well in your quest, kind regards.
January 17, 2002 07:25:37 (GMT Time)

Entry: 13
Name:Jerry Lewis
From:Gulf Breeze, FL, USA
Comments:I am searching for a lead to one Gomer Lewis, who would be a prime candidate to be a younger brother of your Thomas (1861-1929) born to Thomas and Amelia Lewis. Gomer Lewis Married Ann Houston (from Scotland) (date not established) and bore four sons, William (b. 1891) (my grandfather), Morgan, Roy and George (b. 1893). They lived in Nebraska and moved to Perry, Ralls County, Missouri. They were involved in strip mining coal in Missouri, and I believe also in NB. Gomer died in Peoria,
January 16, 2002 22:10:23 (GMT Time)

Entry: 12
Name: Pam Griffiths
From:Blaenau Gwent
Comments:Looking for Thomas Lewis of Pleasant View Rassau, died June 1917. Who were his parents, who were his siblings?
January 16, 2002 22:09:39 (GMT Time)

Entry: 11
Name: Debbie (Lewis) Allen
Email: deballen@citynet.net
From: Virginia, USA
Comments: I have an Ann Lewis b. 1801 in Methyr Tidfil. She married John F. Lewis b. October 31 1802 and died on November 7, 1885. Thomas (they think he was John's brother by the listing on the ships registry) and John F. Lewis came over to the US on the ship Barque Tiberias. Thomas was born in 1800. John F. and Ann (no last name) had several daughters before moving to the US. Those being: Ann Lewis b. 1834 (no marriage), Elizabeth b. 1831 (no marriage), Harriet or Hanna b. 1830 d. 3/18/1904, married
January 16, 2002 17:22:09 (GMT Time)

Entry: 10
Name: Terry Lewis
Email: terry_lewisau
HomePage: http://au.geocities.com/terry_lewisau/index.html
From: Australia
Comments: Giday, Nice site looks like a lot of work has gone into this site well done although mine is not as in depth there are some very interesting old photos on there
January 16, 2002 01:38:35 (GMT Time)

Entry: 9
Name: Clement Williams
Email: tingsue@pacbell.net
From: Rialto, California USA
Comments: My grand father John Williams married Gwen Phillips on June 04, 1870 in Bedwellty. In the presents of Sarah Lewis and Elizabeth Brookfield. The Register was John Richard Lewis. I would like to know if there might be a connection between John Williams and Gwen Phillips to any of the Lewis's. John's father was Joshua Wwilliams and Gewn's father was Henry Phillips. John and Gwen lived in Tredegar at the time of their marriage. Went to America in 1870. Thank You
January 15, 2002 17:39:57 (GMT Time)

Entry: 8
Name: Deana Lewis
Email: ginger77536
From: Houston Tx.
November 5, 2001 02:46:02 (GMT Time)

Entry: 7
Name: Bob Wellington
Email: bobwellington@277pandy.freeseave.co.uk
From: Cwmbran / Blaina
Comments: very Good
October 18, 2001 04:54:18 (GMT Time)

Entry: 6
Name: Les .LEWIS
Email: llewis10@bigpond.com
Comments: Congratulations on a good Family History I am searching for my G/G/Father George Lewis died 13/4/1870 age 59 Trevethin wife Jane Jones died 1858-60s Looking for Handel Lewis son of George. Abertillery wife Elizabeth around 1900 any conection
October 15, 2001 13:17:09 (GMT Time)

Entry: 5
Name: Richard Jones
Email: richardjones4@ntlworld.com
From: Abertillery
Comments: I have no links to your family but I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful site. I enjoyed your story and have book marked your site for historical date reference. I live in abertillery and can relate to six bells etc.I wish I had the patience and endeavor to do the same.
October 9, 2001 16:08:21 (GMT Time)

Entry: 4
Name: Annette James
Email: micklewood@btinternet.com
From: Shropshire, Uk
Comments: My Lewis ancestors lived in London in the 1800's John Lewis married Caroline around 1817 when their first son was born. They had several children, however all the children were baptised with the surname of Bone first and the second time around Lewis, as if the parents could not make up their mind which surname to use. I have always thought that maybe Caroline was a Bone before marriage but to date have never been able to locate a marriage pre 1817. I just wondered if at any point you have come
October 4, 2001 10:29:28 (GMT Time)

Entry: 3
Name: Judy Daniels
Email: jubert65@yahoo.com
From: Morganton, N. Carolina
Comments: I would like to share with you.. Henry Jones Lewis Enos Lewis was born about 1730 and married Susannah Woodward. They had 9 children. Thomas Lewis was born 25 Oct 1757 in Frederick Co, VA and married Mary Morgan. They had 14 children. Thomas Lewis married 1st wife Hannah Lewis . They had 8 children. He married 2nd wife Lydia Morris. They had 4 children. Thomas Hervey Lewis married Eliza Jane Hoover. They had 7 children. He married 2nd wife Hannah E. Gaskill.
October 3, 2001 09:23:23 (GMT Time)

Entry: 2
Name: Rebecca Hundt
Email: rebecca@orst.edu
HomePage: http://web.orst.edu/~hundt
From: Oregon state; USA
Comments: I am the ninth generation descendant of a Thomas Lewis. He was born in Wales, on May 3, 1755. He married a Hannah Hopkins in Virginia. Together, they had 19 children. He served in the American Revolutionary War and later in life became a farmer in Kentucky. I have no information on his parents, or the city of his birth. This information remains elusive. :)
September 23, 2001 07:38:05 (GMT Time)

Entry: 1
Name: dale
Email: dale@lewisclan.fsnet.co.uk
HomePage: http://www.thomaslewisroughcollier.freeservers.com/
From: South Gloucestershire
Comments: I would like to take this opportunity to welcome anyone who is visiting. You are welcome to comment on, any improvements I could make to the site, any history you have relating to any subject on my site, or simply say hi.
September 20, 2001 09:00:52 (GMT Time)

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