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Name:John Lewis
Comments:I have just found your family history site thanks to a friend and found it very interesting, putting your personal history into the wider context of UK and world events helps make it more readable. I just wish I had the sort of background info about my family that you clearly have. I do not think there is anyway we can connect although I have traced my family back to another John Lewis who was baptised about 1768 at St. Augustine in Rumney. I cannot get any further back than this at present as the parish registers are not available for research, having been held in the parish until very recently and now at Gwent RO.
October 9, 2002 04:43:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Sarah Rierson
From:Iowa, USA
Comments:I have a gggrandfather.....David Morgan LEWIS...born 16 Sept 1822 in Landovery, Carmarthenshire, Wales.....father was Joseph Lewis and mother was Mary MORGAN he married Elizabeth ROBERTS..... they had a large family...their 4th child...Elizabeth LEWIS....married John Joseph Morgan....my gr grandparents...the Lewis's came to the USA in 1856.....
October 8, 2002 08:39:51 (GMT Time)

Name:Don Yorath
From:NSW, Australia
Comments:Dale, Most impressed with your site and your presentation of Welsh history. Thank you. My YORATH ancestors were miners and farmers in various parts of Glamorgan. (Several emigrated to Australia where they farmed and even became vignerons. Unfortunately, they sold out long before Australian wine became the success story it is today!) One, Gwilym Idris Yorath, born c. 1878 at Llanwonno, married Jennet LEYSHON at Bridgend, so perhaps we have a connection. I also have several LEWISes in the family, but think I would have to rely on you to identify any connection with a YORATH. Best regards.
October 7, 2002 02:22:50 (GMT Time)

Name:Ray Lewis
From:Hazelmere, Western Australia
Comments:It's nice to see some familiar places, Talywain and Trevethin. My granddad was Hector Vernon Lewis who was born somewhere about 1880 in or around Talywain. He is buried in Trevethin, St Cadoc's, I think, having died in 1916. I don't know if there is a connection but will have another look at the family tree just in case. Regards
October 6, 2002 12:02:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Ira Lewis
Comments:Hi Dale, I really like your page!!! Thanks for the hard work! We also did a Lewis Geneology and found that the "w" in Le"w"is use to be a "v" and before that the "v" use to be a "u" making it spelled Leuites, plural for Leui, or Levi as spelled in modern day. Biblical for the Levites!!! Check it out in a 1914 Century Dictionary. Thanks and have a nice day! Ira
August 21, 2002 18:54:35 (GMT Time)

Name:debbie gladders nee lewis
From:middlesbrough england
Comments:i am trying to trace my family tree all i have to go on is thomas morgan lewis married annie or ada swancutt had two children james thomas lewis born 1888 died 1955 and john ? in dowlais wales i don't know if related or would you give me any info thank you debbie
August 12, 2002 21:33:00 (GMT Time)

Name:gayle plate
Comments:I have information relating to Thomas William Lewis from another part of this family. My gret-grandfather was David Lewis Bevan born April 18, 1842. He was adopted by William Lewis and I show his wife to have been Anne Lewis. She was a cousin to David Lewis Bevan's mother Maria Nichlos. Please advise if you have any information on this link (?). Thank you, Gayle
August 9, 2002 01:24:39 (GMT Time)

Name:veronica ellis
From:Australia now ex Ebbw Vale.
Comments:I have sent you an e.mail but it did not register.I am also from the Barnes of winterbourne.Will send you the information I have regards veronica
August 1, 2002 05:28:34 (GMT Time)

Name:David Graham Lewis
From:Gelligaer area
Comments:Keep up the good, work very interesting information. My father Gethin James Lewis (Deceased) born "I think" in Gelligaer near Llancaiach Fawr in a cottage known as top hill Gelligaer, They were one of the earliest of family's in the area. They were involved in the parish of Gelligaer church as far as i can tell from past stories " Not many told" but a lot of family who are not in touch. My fathers direct family lived in ASHGROVE HOUSE opposite Gelligaer church ( ST. Cattwg's ). If this as helped in your research in any way I do now a few contact's who may have a few bit's of information I could put you in touch and maybe link up some more information for you. Best of Luck in your research From David Graham Lewis
July 25, 2002 18:01:54 (GMT Time)

Name:Ken Jenkins
From:Sirhowy Valley
Comments:Congratulations on a website which gives a valuable insight into Welsh Valley life. Anyone with an interest in the Sirhowy Valley is welcome to check out the Sirhowy Valley Newspage.(homepage address) Includes details on Valley History incl. Scotch Cattle and Chartists and lots more.
July 16, 2002 09:34:44 (GMT Time)

Name:Louie Freiberg
From:Plainview, SD USA near Cheyenne River Reservation
Comments:Enjoyed your web site. We own a family ranch where we have a camping ground. Come to the ranch and visit and paint. Louie. Come visit.
July 11, 2002 23:26:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Glenda Atley
Comments:Have just spent an incredible hour running through your pages. Absolutely fascinating, and a credit to you, and to Mr Smith also. The COLES family bring me to Blaina with the birth of William Frank COLES on May 5th 1853. Many congratulations on your site, and I do hope you are able atsome point to 'prove' a connection to those early Lewis people. Best wishes Glenda
June 19, 2002 18:31:58 (GMT Time)

Name:Oliver Lewis
From:Selma Alabama
Comments:Dear Dale, My gr grandfather was James Lewis born in Scotland May, 1833. I just wondered if you have any information on him, his parents or siblings. Thanks, Oliver
June 4, 2002 18:15:18 (GMT Time)

Name:Barbara Griffiths
From:Coventry, UK
Comments:When Rowland Thomas LEWIS and my grandad, Donald PARRY, emigrated to Canada in 1924, there was supposedly a promoter of fights on board the ship. He was going to be travelling around (not sure if that would be Canada or the USA) setting up bouts where his band of men challenged the locals etc. He offered Donald a job (which he couldn't take because he was committed to an agricultural scheme), but Donald probably had experience of fighting in this country in order to be that good. (Yet another 'family story' that I'd love to find some evidence for!! The passenger list for the journey didn't show up anyone obvious.) While you're all on the subject of LEWIS, can I ask if anyone has further details of the following? I don't know whether he's a relative of mine or not - He emigrated to Canada in 1924, along with my grandfather Donald PARRY. The family story was that Donald emigrated with a relative but I haven't found the link (if there is one) yet. He's Rowland Thomas LEWIS, b 11 January 1903, at Victoria Cottage, Llangattock Lingoed, MON. His father was a Charles LEWIS, general labourer, his mother a Margaret Jane LEWIS (formerly LEWIS). In 1924, when Rowland emigrated, the family were living at New House, Ewyas Harold, HEF. Donald PARRY returned to England about 1926, but I think Rowland stayed in Canada.
June 02, 2002 09:30:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Debbie Allen
Email: deballen@citynet.net
From:Virginia, USA
Comments:This is what I have so far: Ann Price England Lewis is my great grandmother's sister. William Price died prior to 1854 when Jane Williams Price took her children and moved to Eckhart Mines, Maryland. Ann's first husband had been Moses England, who also died prior to 1854. Ann brought two children with her by her first marriage. Jane Price was born in Blaenavon, Monmouthshire, Wales - says so on her tombstone. And Jane Williams Price is actually buried in Percey Cemetery in Frostburg, MD, but her marker is in Frostburg Memorial Park, next to her Daughter Sarah Price Dando's marker. Sarah Price was also born in Blaenavon. ----and--- Lewis, William (second husband of Ann Lewis) b. December 14, 1822 d. May 24, 1891 a 68 (headstone) Obit William Lewis died at his home in Eckhart Sunday, about 70 years (FMJ 5-30-1891 Mr. Lewis was born in Blaenavon, Monmoutthshire, South Wales. ------AND----------------------- WILLIAM LEWIS was born in 1822. They had the following children: Edward, William and Abraham, Annie, John Lewis b. 1853, Mary b. 1856, Elizabeth b. 1858, Rebecca Jane b 1859 (she married a MILLER), and Sarah Ann. ANN PRICE had a brother, EDWARD PRICE who married ANN LEWIS daughter of JOHN LEWIS who was born in Jan 1840 in Wales. This John Lewis is the same as my JOHN R. LEWIS. Can anyone find any birth records for this ANN PRICE or this WILLIAM LEWIS? ------AND----- I am looking for anything for the John F. Lewis line. John came over here from Wales (Port New Port, Wales) on the ship Barque Tiberias on September 11, 1838. This ported in Baltimore, Maryland. I am trying to find his parent's and their parent's too and so forth. John F. was born on October 31, 1802 and died of November 7, 1885. He was a founder. His wife's name is Ann (I don't have a last name, but that would sure help alot) she was born in Merthyr-Tidfil in 1801 and died in the US in 1868. They had four daughters before moving to the US. Ann b. 1834, Elizabeth b. 1831 or 1829, Harriet b. 1830, Margaret b. June 13, 1822, died October 21, 1888 They had three other children after arriving in the US. Ann Lewis, John's wife was pregnant aboard the ship because she had a daughter (Mary b. October 25, 1838) about a month after or before arriving in the US.
June 02, 2002 02:08:00 (GMT Time)

Name:Jane Leigh
From:Gloucestershire, UK
Comments:Dear Dale I've just been looking at your web-site after reading your mail on the BlaenauGwent mailing list. Very impressive - I recognise a lot of work must have gone into that! I have no family connection but I wondered if you had any names for the miners pictured on the Six Bells picture. My dad's family, the Leighs, were in coal mining around the time - my grandfather went on to be mine agent for several of the Abertillery mines - and may well have been involved. I have a copy of the picture in the book Old Abertillery in Photographs. Best wishes Jane
May 22, 2002 19:00:37 (GMT Time)

Name:John Lewis
Comments:I am attempting to trace my ancestors and looked at your pages for that purpose. There is no connection, but I have an ancestor whose second husband was a John Lewis from Mynydd Islwyn. I though the info might be of some use. On 27.9.1845, John Lewis, born c1821, at Mynydd Islwyn, marr. Elizabeth Reece (widow) nee William, born c1810, at Llandeilo Fawr, at Merthyr Tydfil Par. Church. They can be found on the 1851 and 1861 Census Returns for Merthyr Tydfil. She had children by both husbands and I am related to one of her first brood. Hope this may be of some use. If not nothing lost.
May 2, 2002 11:36:19 (GMT Time)

April 18, 2002 15:02:28 (GMT Time)

Name:Patricia Fenimore
Comments:Good Afternoon: What a wonderful web site ! I certainly hope it is part of my husband's family line. Our Lewis is Dinah or Dinane Lewis born approx: 1835 in Wales: She married Jerry ( May be a nick name ) Evans: Thier child was Mary Evans who met and married James Clark Fenimore. They owned and worked mines in West Virginia. Please let us know ASAP if any of this line belongs with yours and if so, can you lead me in the right direction of Parents and grandparents line ? Thank you again for your interesting web site.
April 6, 2002 23:53:31 (GMT Time)

Name:Francine M B Duke
Comments:Extremely well presented and impressive content.
March 27, 2002 09:13:40 (GMT Time)

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