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Entry: 60
Name: Judith Liguid Flores
Email: judith1076@hotmail.com
From: Philippines
Comments: Excellent!!!
June 6, 2003 11:21:59 (GMT Time)

Entry: 59
Name: laarni deiparine
Email: ladyjenlaarni@yahoo.com
From: Cebu, Philippines
Comments: dale dear , this graphic is so nice.. i like it so much.
June 4, 2003 06:15:32 (GMT Time)

Entry: 58
Name: maan
Email: am.yapa@eudoramail.com
HomePage: http://anna_kyut.tripod.com/tigerlila/index.html
From: philippines
Comments: we exchanged notes at filipinaheart.com. your site is fantastic!mine pales in comparison.keep going! :)
June 1, 2003 06:01:46 (GMT Time)

Entry: 57
Name: Michael McAllister
Email: mick@themcallisterfamily.co.uk
HomePage: http://www.mcallistertree.co.uk/
From: Tamworth, Staffs
Comments: nice and precise, a very good layout and very interesting. I have Lewis connection to my Smith family from Pontypool and Blaina, would be interested in your thoughts ! Regards
April 29, 2003 16:07:30 (GMT Time)

Entry: 56
March 21, 2003 20:12:15 (GMT Time)

Entry: 55
Name: Alan Williams
Email: Alan.Williams27@btopenworld.com
From: Leeds
Comments: I was interested in reading your Web page. I come from Merthyr Tydfil although I live in Leeds now. My great-grandfather was named Thomas Lewis, b 1842; my grandfather was William Lewis, b 1878; my mother was Muriel Lewis (Williams) b 1908 and she had a brother called Thomas Trevor Lewis, we have three son and two grandsons. Thus we have many similarities but theearlier family were miners in Merthyr. I am interested in going further back than 1842 and I wondered if there were any links to your earlier family history. Regards Alan Williams
March 3, 2003 20:27:03 (GMT Time)

Entry: 54
Name: Carole Nunn
Email: Carole.Nunn@tesco.net
From: Kent
Comments: Really enjoyed your website. I am researching my gt grandparents, John Lewis b c 1835 -1841 Berkeley, Glos & Ann (nee Arnold) b 1835-1841 Chepstow, Mon. After marrying they lived at Brains Green, FoD. I also believe they had Welsh connections which made your website very interesting. Good wishes for future discoveries in your family line. Carole
Febuary 17, 2003 12:43:03 (GMT Time)

Entry: 53
Name: keith beacham
Email: keithbeacham.safcon@btopenworld.com
From: Caerphilly, South wales
Comments: Fantastic story in a well presented site. Congratulations
Febuary 16, 2003 20:36:34 (GMT Time)

Entry: 52
Name: David Webb
Email: dwebb@addr.com
Comments: I visited your web site The Thomas Lewis Line. This page provides readers comprehensive information about your family line, in a most wonderful manner. Thoroughly enjoyed browsing your web site. With an appropriate design, it has been presented in a professional manner. The pictures on display enhance the beauty of your web site, while providing a wonderful insight in to your family.
Febuary 15, 2003 09:43:00 (GMT Time)

Entry: 51
Name: judith
Email: judithcevans@aol.com
From: Bridgend
Comments: I am SO IMPRESSED and inspired by your website. I can't pretend to have much knowledge of websites but I have seen a few that I have thought were quite good - but they pale by comparison with this one.
Febuary 14, 2003 19:09:15 (GMT Time)

Entry: 50
Name: Mark Collins
Email: mark.t.collins@bt.com
HomePage: http://www.roughwood.net/AncestorAlbums/AncestorAlbumFrames.htm
From: Sussex, England
Comments: Very interesting site, found while searching for LOZE on google. On arrival no Loze's to be found, I wondered if you have any Loze information you have since rejected as not being connected to your family? Great site! Mark
Febuary 12, 2003 18:37:46 (GMT Time)

Entry: 49
Name: David A. Lewis
Email: rivaezra@sympatico.ca
From: Toronto, Canada
Comments: Just sort of stumbled on your page on one of these late winter nights. Your history is quite fascinating; my father has been working on his family for some time now. His father, James, emigrated with his parents from Cheltenham in (I think) 1912 or so, but the family had gone to Cheltenham from the Rhondda sometime around the turn of the century. Can't offer much more than this without dad's papers at hand, but reading your site has given me new motivation to refresh myself. Cheers.
Febuary 9, 2003 06:01:35 (GMT Time)

Entry: 48
Name: Shelagh McKenna
Email: shelaghmckenna@shaw.ca
Comments: Do you by any chance know how I can contact Ira Lewis, formerly of scatch2002@yahoo.com , who signed your guestbook? Thank you for your time.
January 24, 2003 04:05:13 (GMT Time)

Entry: 47
Name: Selwyn Davies
Email: selwyn_davies@lineone.net
From: Rhondda
Comments: With all due respect, Lewis Merthyr Colliery was named after the owner William Thomas Lewis (later Lord Merthyr) who purchased the colliery inmid 1870's A mile to the north east was sunk the Lady lewis Colliery in 1904. I am afraid that your research needs to clear itself. Dic Penderyn's compatriot (Lewsin y heliwr) did not commit what you claim. I appreciate the intense amount of work you put into your family history Best wishes Selwyn Davies
January 21, 2003 19:22:41 (GMT Time)

Entry: 46
Name: Thomas Lewis
Email: tll@xmission.com
HomePage: http://www.xmission.com/~tll/index.htm
From: Ogden, Utah, USA
Comments: Great Site! I too have many Thomas Lewis' in my line. My Lewis line goes back to Robert Lewis and wife Mary from the parish of Neath in Glamorganshire. Their daughter Mary Lewis married Alexander Lewis in the Parish of Glen Neath in 1762. The fore name "Alexander" has appeared in almost every generation since that date. I am looking for anyone with an Alexander Lewis in their line from that area, there may be a connection because Alexander is somewhat of an unusual name for that time period in Wales.
December 6, 2002 18:17:32 (GMT Time)

Entry: 45
Name: Tony Jones
Email: ajjones50@hotmail.com
From: Cwmcarvan/Raglan
Comments: I am decende from 2 Thomas Lewis' from Raglan - my ggrandfather and gggrandfather
November 25, 2002 13:30:35 (GMT Time)

Entry: 44
Name: Dale
Email: dale@lewisclan.fsnet.co.uk
HomePage: http://www.dale-mlewis.s5.com/
From: Yate, South Glos.
Comments: Has anyone got a relative named Thomas Lewis who died in Gilfach Goch, 24-7-1896 aged 61, with a son named Lewis Lewis. I received his death certificate today and although the information is consistent with my knowledge I have my doubts. I didn't expect him to be at Gilfach Goch and I didn't expect Lewis to be living in Ogwa Fach, but not living with his father, even though he was 18 and didn't marry until after April 1901, if ever. I am looking to confirm that the David Lewis baptized in 1797 in Penmaen is the same David Lewis that was born in Bedwas, and that he had brothers named Lewis, Thomas, and John.
November 13, 2002 20:51:14 (GMT Time)

Entry: 43
Name: Kay Griffiths
Email: kgriffit10@shaw.ca
From: White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Comments: I've printed all the Lewis info for my records, as I am the daughter of Daisy Sylvia (Smith) who is the sister of Arthur Smith who initiated the family research (they are the children of Fred Smith and Blodwen Lewis). Wonderful to have this information captured so concisely. All families should be so lucky.
November 11, 2002 05:54:00 (GMT Time)

Entry: 42
Name: Gareth Jones
Email: cgarh_pantglas@hotmail.com
From: Newport Gwent
Comments: I am interested in the Jayne family of Trevethin but there seem to be several branches with the males all having the same Christian name (William). I am interested in a Hannah Jayne daughter of a William Jayne born about 1827. The Trevethin baptism register records the baptism of Hannah a daughter of William and Amelia Jayne on 8/7/1826 but she isn't shown in your Jayne family tree. Some other children of a William and Elizabeth Jayne were being baptised in Trevethin at the same time. Do you have any information on Hannah? Many thanks Gareth Jones
November 5, 2002 13:02:15 (GMT Time)

Entry: 41
Name: Huw Barnes
Email: huwb@iprimus.com.au
From: Melbourne Australia
Comments: Dale, I was so pleased to discover your web site, shedding more light on our family's history. I gather you have been discussing this with my father and mother, John and Jeannette. Just to extend the tree once more Pin Kheng, Thomas and I have been living in Melbourne for 4 years now. We will be back in Wales for Christmas and hope to catch up with you then. Huw
October 13, 2002 03:29:37 (GMT Time)

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